Thursday, 30 January 2014

How to increase good smell in mouth

One day we are going to talk about they matter which is related to beauty. We are beautiful those people who wanted to look still more beautiful they must read this article.

Are you not proud about your beauty deffinatley where there is sugar it is coverd by lot of ants. Beautiful people has many friends if a girl is beautiful many people will talk with her. When she talks is bad smell comes with her mouth they feeling what the people had about her will go away.

Only just brushes the teeth in the morning the bad smell of the mouth cannot go. If has many reasons now just inted of listing the reason we will find solutions to it.

Many companies will about tooth paste and tooth brush to clean the teeth and to give away the bad smell of the mouth. But it is only a temperary solutions it more be effective one or two hours is it possible to brush the teeth to every two hours absolutly no.

Some inteligent people use mint, polo but it is very dangerous to gents and ladies.
I will tell you some method to give away to bad smell of the mouth. By practising every day theres is improvement in breathing.

Pamela Machado
In the morning after brush the teeth stand simply on the mat breath inside and outside for five minutes. make two hands straight to the shoulder in beginings you may feel difficult. But after sometime it will be easy. By practising everyday you will find good result, stop eating mint if you can't immidiatly, chew cardomum so that you will give up the bad smell of the mouth and the improve of digesting.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Choosing the Right Clothing

Picking out the right clothes can be nerve wracking as you dig through your closet for the right things to wear. This is especially difficult when you have a special occasion coming up and want to make a good impression on everyone there. For example, you may have a wedding to attend and are unsure on which tie will look best with your shirt. Also, as a big and tall man you may be self-conscious about how certain styles fit you when you are getting ready to go on a first date. This is why it is important to keep some tips in mind about clothing so you can always look your best. Remember that paying for higher quality clothing is an investment in your appearance. You can also choose certain patterns that are slimming or fit a style you are looking to incorporate. You can read through the following infographic to see more big and tall style tips so you can be ready for any occasion.
This infographic was designed by Big Tall Direct, an apparel store for big and tall men.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Homemade Facial Masks for Glowing Skin

Everyone eagerly tries to look beautiful for them i will give for some suggestions.
Our kitchen teems with so many ingredients that make our skin glow and our face radiant. If the winter has made our skin dry, then it is time for us to reinforce our skin's moisture with homemade facial masks that will not break the bank.

Commercial facial products contain natural ingredients that can be seen in our kitchen. Hence, it is best to use these natural masks because they offer plenty of benefits such as skin repair, rehydration  and skin stimulation. They also promote collagen, thus invigorating your skin cell. Below are some of the natural recipes you can try at home.

Egg white and yogurt facial

face pack
Think egg white and yogurt are for breakfast alone? Then you are wrong since this delicious duo can do wonders in your face. Just combine two egg whites and 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt and mix them well. Apply the mixture in your face and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Rinse it with warm water and tap your face with soft cloth. This mask leaves your face glowing and smooth.

Honey and Oatmeal Facial Mask

Oatmeal makes a good facial scrub while honey makes suits all skin type. Oatmeal mask absorbs extra sebum from the pores while curing itchiness on the skin and other skin problems. To get a flawless skin, blend oatmeal and add hot water. Wait until the paste thickens. Spread the paste evenly on your face. This will dry and tightens your skin. Rinse it with lukewarm water.

Cucumber and lime Juice Face Mask

Cucumber is known to lighten the skin and treats under eye circles. It also helps in healing the sunburn. To lighten your skin, prepare a tablespoon cucumber juice, a teaspoon lime juice, a teaspoon turmeric and one teaspoon glycerine. Combine the ingredients and apply the mixture on your face. When applying the mixture on your face, use cotton balls. Allow it to stay for 15 minutes and rinse it with cold water. Apply the mask daily for a week to get the best result.

Banana and Egg Facial Mask

Banana is rich in potassium that retards acen bacteria. Prepare mashed banana, one egg white and one tablespoon curd. Mix the banana, egg white and curd. Apply the mixture on your face and rinse it after fifteen minutes. Apart from combating acne bacteria, banana also makes your skin glowing as it gives your face a salon like result.

Bread Crumbs Facial Mask

Mix the bread crumbs and malai (milk cream). Soften the bread crumbs by allowing the mixture to sit for atleast 2 minutes. Afterwards, apply the masks for 15 minutes to make your skin glow.

When applying any of these facial masks, make sure to take heed with these precautions:
  • Use headband or tie your head backward before you apply the facial mask.
  • Pair your natural hair masks with a nutritious and healthy diet. Drinking milk, fruit juice and water hydrate your skin, making it glow.
  • Avoid washing your face with soap after the facial. 
The secret to glowing skin isn't just found on beauty shops since they can actually be withing rich, that is in your kitchen.
Author Bio:
Veronica Barfields is a self-confessed beauty and fitness junkie. She loves to discover new things as she travels the world. She currently enjoys the beauty of paradise valley, AZ real estate

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

How Amber stone helps in pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very critical situation. Every woman needs special care in those nine months. Family doesn't leave any stone to turn in the care of pregnant lady. They provide best medical prescription and too good care. Few people have belief on stones and gems. From ancient time people believe that amber stones are good for pregnant ladies. Amber stones have a long history. From so long people trust on this stone.

They use amber stone for their several needs. They use it for health issues also. This is a belief that amber stones take care of pregnant women. These stones create positive atmosphere around the lady, it helps in the improvement of pregnant lady and her child. Positive energy ignores the situation of anger. Her child will never be a short tempered if she is wearing amber stones at the time of her pregnancy.


This is important to find a good store which can provide original amber for sale in affordable price. These stones improve immunity system of a pregnant lady. This stones is related to sun this is the reason it provides positive energy. It is a symbol of luck. These things are very important for a pregnant lady and her baby. There is no need to take care too much this stone. There are few precautions with it like it should not near boiling water. This stone is not harmful for skin. Pregnant ladies are safe from evil casting if this stone is on their body for their protection.

This stone is good for pregnant lady in so many ways. It is not only good for health but also it is a source of good luck for her and for her kid for future. She doesn't face any critical condition in  her health if she is wearing amber stone from the first month of her pregnancy. She can search amber for sale drfinejewels at online sources as well. These mediums will provide the information in how many ways she can use amber stone for her good health.

People have belief that the lady who wrote amber stone she doesn't face too much labour pains. Her baby gets good health because of the vibrations of this stone from her mother. People have religious believes with blue amber. They believe that God will always help mother and baby if they have this holy stone.

 About the Author:
This article is written by John Dev on behalf of Drfinejewels, this is having topics on dominican amber fossil and many more.

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Increase your beauty in water

Some things are available on the earth which improves beauty.  In some nation in available free of coast and some other nation we have to pay for it.

In india they worship river has god. Do you know river Ganges in india?
Hear river ganges is worshiped as gangamathe. Per every 12 years there is mahakumbamela. In these lakh of people will participate and people will worship the river ganges has goddess. Mahakumbamela was held in varanashi.

Sarah and I taking a break from waiting in lines at Hollywood Studios.  It is difficult to blame her for looking distracted. 

water will protect the life of people and improves beauty also. Most people will think that water will satisfied the thirsty, but it improves beauty also which most people do not know.

Wake up early in the morning and brushed the teeth and take 1 litre water. By taking water in the sufficient quantity wastage in stomach are cleaned up. It will be useful those people who have gastic problem and other health problems.
It is not sufficient only taking water in the morning at least six to seven litres of water is essentinal to human beings.

It is dangerous also of taking more water, taking more water is good during summer and bad at winter. Taking more water increasing your weight.

We should see that the quanity of water in our body shouldnot decreases, water maintainse the temperature our body.

Everything is ok in the beging i said water improves beauty but i didnot mentioned about it. Do you think about it.

If the food we ate is digested is properly is is good know. A beauty person will become active, activeness is also a part of beauty.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Face pack with tomato

     In our life we will come across so many people sometimes we will remember those people forever because of their beauty.

     We will also think that we should look like them. Everyone wants to be more beautiful than earlier. It is not wrong it is because of human nature.
Healthy Red Tomatoes with Water Drops
You know tomato there was a debate reagarding weather tomato belongs to vegitable group or fruits group.

     Tomato place an importent role in improving your beauty. Take one good tomato divide them cut it into four peaces keep one peace on your palm and massage it on your face continue it for five to seven minute, and take another peace and massage it and after finisihing massage leave it for ten minute. Let it dry on your face. After complete dry spray cold water on the face, wast it and rub it through the cloth. Continued it everyday up to one month 

Change face

     You feel surprise after one month because of change in yourself because that much of change has taken place on your face.

     Before practising it you show your face to your far friends. After one month you go to meet your friend again. We feel difficult changes on our face by observing. But your friends can findout clearly the change on your face

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Top 5 Pandora items

Pandora Jewellery was founded back in 1982 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. They design and create charms which feature intricate designs which look amazing on your bracelet. There are also so many different ranges of Pandora charms available, which suit lots of different styles. Pandora design a massive selection of charms, a favorite type of charm is the drop down charms.

Pandora doesn’t just design and make beautiful charm bracelets and charms – they also have an amazing range of earrings. The earrings below are perfect for a girly girl - sparkly and heart-shaped. I’ve bought this lovely pair of silver and zirconia earrings recently to add to my ever-expanding jewellery collection.


Pandora stocks a large range of different bracelets to hold their charms – they range from plain charm bracelets to intricate designs in a range of materials including silver, gold and leather. This black leather strap is a very popular bracelet, it is perfect for the less girly girls out there.

Most people have a colour theme for their bracelets; this charm is made out of 14ct gold with pink enamel. This would fit in well with any colour themed bracelet but would make a great addition to a pink and gold theme.

This 14ct gold ring is part of the cherry blossom Pandora collection along with the pink charm above, that’s another great thing about Pandora – they create matching items to complete your jewellery collection.

pando 5

Pandora is perfect for any type of female and make a wonderful gift whatever the occasion. They make great gifts as all items come in their own branded jewellery box and gift bag.

 Author Bio:

Hugh Rice is a family-run jewellers with stores in Hull and Beverley and Pandora concept stores in Sheffield, Hull, Leeds, Beverley and Harrogate. We stock designer watches and jewellery from Pandora, Nomination, Thomas Sabo, Tresor Paris, Chlobo, Daisy & many other leading brands.